Not Flowers, but Love

As a shrewd executive, Jamie Dubois is no stranger to hard work, and her soaring corporate career is her well-deserved reward. But while her professional life has flourished, her personal life has stalled as her wishful fantasies of being swept off her feet collided with the realities of bumpy landings. And after a series of such disappointments, she has given up—at least for now—on the whole idea of marriage and white picket fences.


By the time she meets an ambitious heartthrob named Ken, Jamie is well-practiced at keeping her heart to herself. While she enjoys seeing him now and then, she has no intention of getting carried away. It's a long-distance affair, and she's sure that the distance will douse any careless flames that flicker during their occasional visits.


But Jamie's perfect dating arrangement abruptly ends when Ken unexpectedly moves to her hometown—and accepts a plum job with her employer. Suddenly, she has no way to avoid him or her long-buried desire for something real that she can hold onto. And the more she fights it, the more she wants it. Before long, her once predictable life is turned upside-down—and everything she wants becomes everything she can't have.

Walls Fall Down

There's an old saying that men are made to be hunters. And women who make themselves too accessible are unlikely to sustain the hunter's interest.

Such seems to be the case for Cassie, who twice thought she had found the man of her dreams only to be taken for granted by them both. But once her heart is beyond their reach, they will do almost anything to regain her affections.

Will either man get what he wants?

What's Done in the Dark

Everyone has secrets, but some secrets can have murderous consequences in Krys Batts's mystery thrill ride, What's Done in the Dark.


For nearly a decade, Mona Baker has lived a life of secrets and deceit on her terms. But when her wealthy husband, Aaron, is arrested, she discovers that he also has secrets, secrets that could get her killed.


When the police pressure Mona to cooperate with their investigation, she flatly refuses—until they drop a bombshell that shakes her to the core, leaving Mona no choice but to help them despite her mounting fears that Aaron's powerful allies are more determined to see her dead than the cops are to keep her alive.


After barely escaping a series of attacks on her life, Mona is eventually forced to make a desperate decision that sends her down a violent path from which there is no return.