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Krys Batts grew up in Houston, Texas, and has always been passionate about a variety of creative writing formats, including poetry, music, short stories, and novels. Having spent her childhood singing her father’s original compositions, her artistic gifts naturally sprang from an early appreciation for how lyrics and rhymes could be used to tell both humorous and human stories. She also discovered great pleasure in penning poetry and reading almost any book within reach.

In 1992, Krys relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where she enrolled at Spelman College. Opting to indulge her love for reading and writing, she majored in English, and ultimately graduated with a host of honors, including Phi Beta Kappa, Who’s Who, Magna Cum Laude, serial Dean’s List recognitions, and more. She then returned to Texas, this time to Dallas, where she earned a master degree in Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Due largely to the education she received at Spelman, Krys is keenly aware of the social dynamics that affect women both positively and negatively. And these conditions undergird the book plots that she creates, which may either subtly or overtly challenge traditional norms. Her first romance novel, "Walls Fall Down", was originally published in 2003, and then reissued in 2015. Years later, she went on to write "What's Done in the Dark" (2014) and "Not Flowers, but Love" (2015), the latter placing first in the romance category of the BookLife Prize in Fiction contest in November, 2016. More recently, she published her fourth novel, “Where Do I Enter”, and is at work on another mystery novel, "Bad Blood".

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